The man that was "scammed" by Amazon and was compensated with a $1000 gift card after being sent two boxes of rocks when he bought $12,000 worth of cameras is FAKE.

This is in reference to the video posted on Reddit last week: This guy not only kept $12,000 worth of cameras, but also received a $1000 gift card from Amazon. PROOF: This is from another user’s research that sparked my interest: It’s … Read more

Home Depot announces 1,200 new Atlanta area jobs; Lowe’s announces bonuses of up to $1,000 for all employees due to tax reform.

In preparation for its busiest season, Home Depot has announced a spring hiring event of more than 1,200 positions in the Atlanta area. Lowe’s will follow rival Home Depot in giving thousands of its hourly employees a one-time bonus … Read more

After Employees Receive $1,000 Bonus Check, They Realize AMAZING Reason After Looking at Memo Line

Martin Walsh for the Conservative Tribune reports, While many in the media claimed American workers wouldn’t receive any benefits from the GOP tax cuts bill, many companies have already given their employees bonuses and pay raises. Read More/Source/Credit/FairUse:…

Friendly Reminder: Don't get upset if someone posts screenshots of how they gained 500%, 1000%, 8000%, or whatever in 1 year.

by Trivirus It is understandably frustrating when you’re sitting on modest gains while know-nothings brag about how they turned a couple hundred into a couple thousand over a few months, but let me assure you: those cases are extraordinarily rare, and … Read more