Fed Is In Trouble! It Wants To Cool Financial Markets And The Economy But Can’t Control Financial Conditions… This Time IS Different—Except For 1929!

Fed is in trouble It wants to cool financial markets and the economy but can’t control financial conditions – @ Johnny Bo Jakobsen?     ECB warns of possible global market correction after excessive risk-taking The European Central Bank (ECB) warned Wednesday that … Read more

When This Indicator Hits This Sort Of Level, The Market Struggles To Rise Anymore And Normally Register Some Kind Of Top…. This Is Like The Peak In 1929 Or 2000, Actually Significantly Worse.

by SpontaneousDisorder When this indicator hits this sort of level, the market struggles to rise anymore and normally register some kind of top. Check it out in this PDF. www.yardeni.com/pub/stmktbullbear.pdf The technicals in the stock market are off the charts right … Read more