Understanding The Context of Devin Nunes Requests – Obama’s 2016 DOJ/FBI Spying Operation…

by sundance As we have walked through the investigative deep weeds of corruption within the FBI (Counterintelligence Division) and DOJ (National Security Division), many people have asked why CTH has not pulled in the ODNI (Clapper) and CIA (Brennan) aspect of the total … Read more

There were LOTS of reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and none of them had anything to do with Russian "meddling"

by Ian Shilling 1. She was totally and obviously corrupt taking massive bribes from foreign countries, special interests, Wall Street, drugs companies and a host of other multinationals to pursue policies directly against the interests of over 99% of Americans. ian56.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/hillary-clinton-im-running-for-goldman.html … Read more

A New Book Reveals The Truth About The 2016 Presidential Election – If We The People Do Not Stand Up For This Truth – We Have Indeed Lost The Battle For Our Country!

by Ruby Henley The Russia Investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Deep State has taken over the identity of this Country.  It has cost taxpayer money, it has shamed our Country, and it has taken up precious time … Read more

Obama Spied On Trump, His Staff, Congress, AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS. 36,000 People Were Unmasked By The NSA ALONE, And It's Technically More, Since Comey Is Refusing To Release FBI Numbers.

BREAKING: "President Obama's team sought NSA intel on thousands of Americans during the 2016 election" t.co/X7tl2lVmbP — Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) May 4, 2017 circa.com reports: WATCH | The Obama administration distributed thousands of intelligence reports with the  unredacted names of US … Read more

OBAMA Denies He Wiretapped Trump – Blames DOJ – I Believe It Was Done To Spy On TRUMP To HELP HILLARY In The 2016 Election.

by Pamela Williams In Obama’s response to President Trump’s accusation that he wiretapped Trump Tower, Obama responded in an emotionless but legal dialogue. I guess I expected him to be surprised, but he was definitely ready. His response is below: taken … Read more