Broccoli Yogurt: superfood killed 75 percent of tumors in mice…thats why we should eat it

Broccoli Yogurt: research claims the bizarre food could curb rocketing rates of bowel cancer ans its cheap ūüėČ A broccoli-based yogurt could prevent¬†‚ÄĒ and even treat ‚ÄĒ colon cancer, according to a new research. Researchers in¬†Singapore¬†found that yogurt made with … Read more

Broccoli yogurt? Researchers found the concoction killed 75% of bowel cancer tumors in mice, raising hopes it can treat or prevent the disease in humans

by: Michelle Simmons (Natural News) Broccoli-based yogurt may seem weird, but it could be beneficial for your colon. New research suggested that¬†the combination of yogurt and broccoli could be used to treat or even prevent colon cancer. The study was … Read more