Address book in Anthony Weiner’s laptop includes Soros, Rothschild, journalists and professors

by Dr. Eowyn Somebody, likely a “white hat” in the FBI, leaked the address book in the laptop computer of Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger — former NY Democrat Congressman, convicted pedophile, and husband of Hillary’s closest aide Huma Abedin. Anthony … Read more

A New Book Reveals The Truth About The 2016 Presidential Election – If We The People Do Not Stand Up For This Truth – We Have Indeed Lost The Battle For Our Country!

by Ruby Henley The Russia Investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Deep State has taken over the identity of this Country.  It has cost taxpayer money, it has shamed our Country, and it has taken up precious time … Read more

Hey violent savage, here's what you accomplished: now the whole country is Googling Milo, his book sales soar 12,740% overnight, facebook page gains over 200k likes in 1 day.

Berkeley Blowback: Milo Book Sales Soar 12,740% Overnight Following the violent anti-free-speech protests in Berkeley, California last night – sparked by cal’s special snowflakes hurt feelings at the potential words that would come out of Milo Yiannopoulos’ mouth during a … Read more