“If the Pot Is Grown in California, Marketed in California, Sold in California and Consumed in California…that Is California’s Business and Not the Federal Government’s – CA, Congressman Tom McClintock

Part of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution – The federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the United States Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people. Sonora, CA — … Read more

Emergency Declared North East Of Sacramento, CA. Subject Walked Into Water Pipeline Near Sly Park Dam!

  El dorado irrigation district pointing out location of water emergency happening now after man reportedly got inside 1.5 mile pipe near Jenkinson Lake. pic.twitter.com/Qc494UY6p3 — Kathy Park (@KCRAKathy) January 23, 2018 EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. (KCRA) — An emergency … Read more