The American Dream is dead. It's happened so slowly without real media coverage that the majority is clueless. What happens next?

“Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens” Does the “normal” U.S. citizen know this? Why not? by Yossarian Johnson America divided – this concept increasingly graces political discourse in the U.S., pitting … Read more

CORRUPT BROWARD COUNTY – DWS – Dead FEDERAL Prosecutor – What is the Connection to the Corruption at the Sheriff, PD, and School District?

Authorities in Florida are investigating the death of a Miami federal prosecutor and father of three after his body was found on a beach in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday. The body was identified by local police as Beranton Whisenant Jr., … Read more

A NEW LOW, even for CNN: Exploiting dead and traumatized children to push a radical left-wing anti-gun agenda

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) In what can only be called the highly unethical exploitation of dead and traumatized children to push a radical, left-wing anti-gun narrative, CNN has reached a whole new low in fake news. The backlash against CNN is growing, … Read more

Beyond The Pale Of Imagination – Doctor And Pharmaceutical Billionaire Couple Dead – Both Involved In Haiti And Clinton Foundation.

by Ruby Henley After researching this report, I am asking myself how can these “suicides” of people involved with the Clintons continue?  Are we reading something into these deaths that is not legitimate but just  coincidence? Will we ever really … Read more