Origins of Trump Dossier – It Was Compiled By Company Hillary Clinton Hired To Dig Up Dirt On Trump – FBI Involved – Now It Is Being Seen For What It Is.

by Ruby Henley I have known through study that the Trump Dossier is a fake, and I am thrilled to see that the respected WASHINGTON EXAMINER and author Byron York is questioning it. In his article, York explains that Republicans … Read more

Repeat After Me: The Firm Fusion GPS Hired By Clinton Campaign To Dig Up Dirt On Trump Created A Fake Dossier That Was Actually Used Against Trump Without Validity!

by Pamela Williams This has all gone too far, and it is abusive to anyone with a brain to continue on with this narrative.  I just read an article stating the Fusion GPS co-founder will not testify to Senate Intelligence Committee. … Read more

Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop The Motherlode Of Washington Dirt That Will Destroy Marriages If Steven Bannon Is Fired!

by Pamela Williams   Mike Cernovich is the best Alternative Right Media has to offer!  He is brilliant, bold, and lighthearted…while being totally fearless.  He is like a bull forging ahead while digging in the dirt for a story on the … Read more