"They destroyed Blackberrys with hammers in the State Department". CNN: "Evan, Evan, Evan, hold on. Can you fact check that? Evan Perez: "uh, yes they did". CNN: "DRUMPFLGERMUHRUSSIA!

How did they not get charges for the obstruction of justice in regards to investigating her, and disrupting a federal investigation via destroying evidence? Isn’t there a law against that? Published on Sep 2, 2016   AC

Liberal leftists have a problem that puts them on the wrong side of every issue every time. Evan Sayet explained the phenomena 10 years ago.

It’s a mental issue stemming from leftists forbidding themselves from ever discriminating. This is one of the most interesting videos you will ever see on modern Liberalism. It’s been called the unified field theory of Liberalism. Enjoy: