FBI Office of Professional Responsibility Recommends AG Jeff Sesssions Fire Andrew McCabe…

by sundance A very interesting dynamic today, with a motive that may not be as transparent as initially appears. The New York Times and Washington Post are both reporting the FBI’s internal Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has recommended to AG Jeff Sessions that FBI Asst. Director … Read more

"UK's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal with 100s of girls sold for sex exposed" This story is finally being reported by the BBC. I hope this spreads like fire.

A lawyer who led prosecutions against a child sex abuse ring in Telford has said those cases were the “tip of the iceberg”. Former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who also oversaw similar high-profile cases in Rochdale, said he knew “more … Read more

Whole Foods under fire from angry vendors as retail “racket” snubs small-scale manufacturers

by: Tracey Watson (Natural News) Whole Foods Market claimsto be part of an “interdependent business ecosystem,” dependent on the many thousands of suppliers it says it views as allies. In discussing its partnerships with suppliers, the company’s mission statement notes, “We … Read more

Rush Limbaugh: Fire and Fury and Fake: Michael Wolff's reference to me is 100% false… The Trump Dossier: The biggest political scandal of my lifetime

Rush Limbaugh: The Trump Dossier: The Biggest Political Scandal of My Lifetime (Biggest in History) RUSH: David in Pekin, Illinois. Glad you waited, sir. How’s it going? CALLER: Pretty good. You? RUSH: Could not be better. CALLER: Great. This is … Read more

Eric Braverman – Ex-CEO Of The Clinton Foundation – CEO In The Eric Schmidt Foundation – Schmidt Resigns From Google – Trump’s Executive Order On Fire.

by Ruby Henley I think Eric Braverman is destined to be in the news again soon.  I know most of you remember Eric Braverman as Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation.  As the recent news of President Trump’s unprecedented Executive Order … Read more