HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT Who Cut Up U.S. Flag and Replaced It With ISIS Flag One Week Ago, ARRESTED After Bomb He Brings To School Fails To Detonate

The IED story: NEW: @sgcitypubsafety is charging the suspects "failed attempt to detonate a homemade explosive" inside Pine View High School yesterday with: 76-10-402: Manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction prohibited. 📸 –> … Read more

Panelist Shreds CNN's Talking Points: "Regime change has been an absolute nightmare everywhere…ISIS rose because we overthrew Saddam and then we armed ISIS. We have no legitimate reason for our defense to be there, and this is exactly what Obama and Trump promised not to do."

.@secupp: Isn't it time to do something in Syria in a full-throated way? t.co/wFF8hgefYH — SE Cupp Unfiltered (@UnfilteredSE) January 19, 2018 Smith’s epic diatribe met with no resistance. He said: “Regime change has been an absolute nightmare everywhere that … Read more

International arms watchdog finds that most ISIS weaponry was purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia before being shipped to opposition forces in Syria and Iraq.

An international arms watchdog has confirmed that a large percentage of the weapons used by ISIS were initially purchased by the US or Saudi Arabia. They were shipped to anti-Assad forces and Iraqi government militias before quickly being recycled into … Read more

FBI Report – US Oakland Group And Antifa Met With ISIS And al-Qaeda In Germany In Plot To Overthrow Trump – New Warning For November 4, 2017.

by Ruby Henley A new book just released by Edward Klein, former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine, and the author of The Clintons Guilty As Sin, has chilled me to the bone.   Klein’s latest book, All … Read more

Was The Las Vegas Massacre A Covert Operation Involving Stephen Paddock, ISIS, And The FBI – Went South – Resulted In ISIS Terrorist Attack?

by Ruby Henley There have been so many inconsistencies and changes in the timeline of the Las Vegas massacre, it has naturally made the public question the validity of what we are being told.  Also, we are seeing witnesses coming … Read more

ISIS Releases Video On The Las Vegas Attack – NEWSWEEK Backs Up Stance That Paddock Converted To Islam Six Weeks Ago – Warning to Americans.

by Ruby Henley The latest to emerge is on the pro-ISIS Al-Battar Media Foundation website, who released a two-minute video in English titled Rightful Revenge, unearthed by the www.memri.org/  The video presents excerpts from an eye- witness’s testimony about the … Read more