MASSIVE Update:Judge Tears Into DOJ on Clinton emails, New Clinton Emails and Judicial Watch beats violent left in major court battle.

by TFittonJW Firing on all cylinders this week…Judicial Watch Weekly Update: Background: Curious that Mrs. Clinton withdraws her security clearance a week after Judicial Watch sends FOIA … Read more

MASSIVE: Sessions DOJ protecting Hillary Clinton but that won’t stop Judicial Watch — big federal court hearing tomorrow!

by TFittonJW We have to fearless in telling the truth about corruption. Great Judicial Watch interview early this morning on WMAL: Judicial Watch’s big email release yesterday: We have a … Read more

HUGE Judicial Watch discovery that there were zero court hearings on the Carter Page FISA warrants designed to target Trump has the Left tied up in knots.

by TFittonJW Enjoy: FISA Court background. Following my appearance on Fox Friday, President Trump followed up and sent leftists into a rage: Here is the clip:

FITTON:WHAT IS HAPPENING AT DOJ? Judicial Watch just uncovered more classified Clinton emails. DOJ is out to lunch on Hillary Clinton national security crimes. Anyone else would have been both arrested and prosecuted by now!

by TFittonJW Why is Judicial Watch carrying all the load on Clinton corruption? Background:  

HUGE Story: Hillary Hacked? Judicial Watch brought evidence to Strzok FBI team but it was ignored.

by TFittonJW I lay out the incredible details here: In the meantime, we uncovered more classified materials from Clinton server: