Warning: Death Line rejects sending $SPX Red as UST Yields Rocketed Higher… Year 2008 keeps coming up!!

Warning: Death Line rejects sending $SPX Red as UST Yields Rocketed Higher. Caution into the overnight… pic.twitter.com/Fw49WOywVO — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) February 21, 2018 Markets 💔 The Fed — Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) February 21, 2018 So that year 2008 keeps … Read more

THEY’RE CRACKING: Democrats Starting to Detract From Party Line, Opening to Republican Demands, Nearing a Deal on the Shutdown Already?

By Robert Carbery The Democrats have overreached on forcing this latest federal government shutdown. Prioritizing illegal children brought here under Obama’s illegal DACA program before 9 million American children who are U.S. citizens and will lose their insurance and 2 … Read more

After Employees Receive $1,000 Bonus Check, They Realize AMAZING Reason After Looking at Memo Line

Martin Walsh for the Conservative Tribune reports, While many in the media claimed American workers wouldn’t receive any benefits from the GOP tax cuts bill, many companies have already given their employees bonuses and pay raises. Read More/Source/Credit/FairUse: conservativetribune.com/emplo…

Judge Resigns Over Facebook Posts About Protesters Of Confederate Monuments In Charlottesville – Free Speech On The Line.

by Ruby Henley Freedom of speech in America is on the line, as Judge James A. Hinkle had to resign due to his criticism  of protesters concerned about Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.  He made a simple post on Facebook, and … Read more

President Trump Please Don’t Go To War Over A Lie – Chemical Weapons In Idlib Were Stashed By Rebels/ISIS – Remember Hillary’s Rat Line From Libya To Syria?

by Pamela Williams Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over this chemical attack in Idlib.  When she toppled Libya, she ran a sarin gas rat line from Libya to Syria to the Syrian Rebels/ISIS.  They stockpiled these chemical weapons in rock embankments. … Read more

President Trump Is Saying: I Will Protect America FIRST! If I Draw A LINE IN THE SAND, And You Cross It, I WILL ERASE NOT IT, BUT YOU. PLUS: A Look At The Vetting Process.

by Pamela Williams Remember all the promises Obama made but never executed? We have a new President now, and he is ready to put his pen where his mouth is. Remember what President Trump ran on? Didn’t he say, “I … Read more