Michael Pento: Currencies Will Be ‘Flushed Down the Toilet’ Triggering a ‘Mad Rush into Gold’

Money Metals Exchange, Released on 3/2/18 Click Here to Listen to the Interview – *the interview begins at 5:09 s3.amazonaws.com/ILB_MS_BUCKET/ILB-180302-WeeklyMarketWrap.mp3 Michael shares his very troubling outlook for the 10-year Treasury note, the tipping point that will cause the destruction of confidence … Read more

Treason Alert: Top Democrats, INCLUDING BERNIE and MAD MAXINE WATERS, attack FBI, put agents in harm's way–criticize Disgraced Former Director, Jim "The Weasel " Comey for ruining FBI's credibility.

Published on May 11, 2017 The democrats are hypocrites they are now calling Comey’s firing disgraceful and before that they wanted him fired. That is when he reopened Hillary’s case and before that they were praising his name.   h/t … Read more

FAKE NEWS: Hillary’s shock memo intervention, Justin Trudeau goes mad in public, and UK Treasury’s Zen tax strategy revealed.

by John Ward It may be fake news today, but try to be patient: as ever, The Slog brings you tomorrow’s Real News now, as yesterday’s surreal news comes true today, and today’s fake news is made flesh tomorrow. It’s all … Read more