President Trump’s Executive Order List Includes Dan Gertler – Connected To Clinton’s Pardon Of Marc Rich – Clintons Going Down.

by Ruby Henley In President Trump’s Executive Order signed on December 21, 2017, his list of individuals include many connected to the Clintons.  But the major individual, who stands out is Dan Gertler, international businessman and billionaire, main business partner … Read more

Marc Faber – Global Markets Incredibly Inflated & Artificially Manipulated, Massive Fraud In This Financial Bubble

A big difference between the market today and that of the 1987 crash is unfunded pensions. Renowned investor Dr. Marc Faber, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “The unfunded liabilities have gone up. They did not go down. So, … Read more

Eric Braverman, Neil Brown, and Marc Turi Still Missing – Connecting The Dots – WIKILEAKS And George Webb's Work.

by Pamela Williams I have done several reports on the work in George Webb’s videos, which involves missing CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman, his missing partner Neil Brown, and missing Arms Dealer Marc Turi. All three men are connected … Read more