2018 is the year of the mass shooting psyop. Each one is designed to move-forward specific legislation, chipping away at the Second Amendment bit by bit.

They’re coming for the Veteran’s guns next. Any vet who’s sought help for PTSD will likely be disarmed. This has been a high priority for the globalist gun-grabbers since the Obama administration, when the Department of Homeland Security considered returning … Read more

BOMBSHELL: Florida mass shooting was ALLOWED to happen: Four deputies stood down, led by egomaniacal sheriff exposed as an anti-gun Democrat operative seeking fame

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) With each passing day, the official story of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting continues to unravel. In its place is emerging an increasingly horrifying conspiracy involving Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, whose four deputies … Read more

1st- and 2nd-generation immigrants have committed more than 40 percent of all mass shootings

If you missed your favorite immigrant mass shooting, please note that I excluded Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson (Long Island Railroad massacre in 1993); Nigerian immigrant Peter Odighizuwa (Appalachian School of Law shooting in 2002); Haitian illegal immigrant Kesler Dufrene (North … Read more