Getting The TRUTH After FAKE NEWS RUMOR: Major General Errol Schwartz To Be Fired At 12:01 On Inauguration Day By President-elect Trump.

by Pamela Williams First of all, Major General Schwartz will not be FIRED by President-elect Trump. In fact, Trump asked Schwartz to handle the Inauguration for him, but the Major General refused. In an interview with the Washington Post, Major … Read more

Meet The Man President-elect Trump Is Considering To Fill The Vacant Seat On The SUPREME COURT. He Is Interesting And Controversial – I Like Him.

by Pamela Williams President-elect Donald Trump recently met with Judge William Pryor of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Pryor is said to be the frontrunner for the vacant Supreme Court seat. As I was researching him, I began … Read more

President-elect Trumps Shakes Up The Press By Changing The Order Of Things – Trump May Include Some Conservative Bloggers In Press Briefings.

by Pamela Williams This is one of the things I like most about President-elect Donald Trump, he is a man who institutes change. Change keeps things moving with the times and is never boring. Change is the inevitable of life, … Read more

President-elect Trump Cites WIKILEAKS As A Credible Source On Alleged "Russian Hacking" – CIA Director John Brennan Disagrees Saying Special Report Is Ready – The TRUTH Is OUT THERE, But Where?

by Pamela Williams The tension around the “special ” Intelligence Report is building, as CIA Director John Brennan announces Obama will be reading it tomorrow. President-elect Trump has just cited WIKILEAKS as a credible source of information on the alleged … Read more

President-elect Trump Says He Has Inside Information On Alleged Hack – Intelligence Officials Failed To Show For Meeting Today.

by Pamela Williams There seems to be some confusion between President-elect Trump and the Intelligence Officials at this point. Trump believed he was to have a briefing today on the alleged Russian hack, but it did not happen. Trump believes … Read more

President-elect Trump Well Aware Of The Coup Attempt Upon Him By THE POWERS THAT BE, And WE THE PEOPLE Must Take Names – Our Survivial Depends Upon Our Awareness.

by Pamela Williams Let us be blunt and not run from the fact we are being stepped upon by political factions within our own government, who seek to silence us and steal the US Election from President-elect Trump. President-elect understands … Read more