Breaking! Suspicious – Train Carrying GOP To Greenbriar Crashes With Truck Sitting On Tracks – President Trump Did Not Go – Paul Ryan Did.

by Ruby Henley President Trump was not on the train, as he is to go later to give speeches to the GOP at Greenbrier. However, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan was on board with his family.  Many of the … Read more

Paul Ryan: 'Dreamers' Will Be Part Of Spending Bill… Obamacare Survives 2017… Secrecy, Division, Complaints: Tax Rollout Echoes Obamacare Repeal

Paul Ryan Tells Conservatives DACA Will Be Part Of Spending Deal The Speaker also said he didn’t think Obamacare subsidies would be part of the deal, but it could still be a huge win for Democrats and undocumented immigrants. … … Read more

BREAKING: Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan Says, "We Meet With Ambassadors All The Time." – Democrats Caught In Lie About Meeting With Russian Ambassador!

by Pamela Williams Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tried to tell them that Attorney General Jeff Sessions did nothing wrong in meeting with the Russian Ambassador. He said, “We meet with Ambassadors all the time.” It turns out the Democrats … Read more