The ultimate scam: How Al Gore became the world’s first “carbon billionaire” by profiting off irrational climate fears

by: Lance D Johnson (Natural News) One of the greatest scams of the 21st century started with former vice president Al Gore, who influentially introduced the concept of “global warming” to the world. Now, the truth about Gore’s “global warming” scam is documented in … Read more

Universities are a scam. The college coaches are the mob bosses & the professors are their captiains. No sports teams means less professors. Less students going into debt means less professors.

Sports in general is a way for the public to act out our tribal instincts that they supress to control us. Even if you are not an athlete & you go to one of these universities. Your professors that teach … Read more

TB vaccine SCAM: Scientists gave 1,400 babies a new vaccine for tuberculosis despite FAILED safety trials

by: Isabelle Z. (Natural News) An investigation by the British Medical Journal has exposed a horrifying vaccine scam that took place in the same place that many unethical vaccine stories come from – Africa. There, babies were used as guinea pigs to test … Read more