Gowdy & Goodlatte Send Letter To Sessions & Rosenstein Formally Requesting A Second Special Counsel, John Kerry Officially Under Investigation

This speaks for itself! Seems there are 12 -24 people that the IG cannot subpoena … like Comey, etc… because of this (and more) Trey says a second special investigation is needed. “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. … Read more

President Trump CONFIRMS Mexico WILL pay for the Kate's Wall through 'indirect' payments such as taxing the money illegals send to Mexico

President Trump said repeatedly in the campaign that Mexico will pay for a border wall His latest immigration proposal demands Congress pay $25 billion for it   A former advisor says he will ‘find a way’ to make Mexico pay indirectly … Read more

Illegal Immigrants Send $38 Billion Abroad Via Remittances: Carlos Slim's pockets get fatter, while illegals prey on American towns like locust

by Spencer P Morrison Remittances Sent by Illegal Immigrants Cost America $38 Billion Annually, They’re Like a Hidden Tax Imagine the worst possible tax you can think of.  What would it look like? If you’re like most people, you thought of … Read more

If you do nothing else today, watch this analysis of the political contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – and then send it to everyone you know.

Actually, the underlying theme is far more significant than a political campaign. It is the collapse of mainstream media’s control over public opinion caused by the rise of Twitter and social media.  Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux are at … Read more