The Jimmy Dore Show: Russia Convicted Of Nerve Attack Before Investigation. "It doesn´t pass the smell test"

Despite not having conclusive evidence, Theresa May and the corporate media have already condemned Russia. Also, even if Russia is responsible, some of the response does not make any sense. The story May wants to tell has way … Read more

Tomi Lahren: "Sunday night was nothing more than a bunch of Hollywood liberals gathered in a fancy theater to dedicate yet another award show to their self-obsession and blatant hypocrisy."

Watch the latest video at It’s time for Final Thoughts. Oh, the Oscars … the 90th annual Academy Awards – a celebration of film, art, fashion and culture. Yeah, right. Let’s be honest: Sunday night was nothing more than a … Read more

Most of us already know that the US has been shilling and spreading propaganda on the web for quite a long time now. For those who don't or pretend not to, show them this post.

by MMLMFAO There are countless links that prove the US has been working for years to influence social media and the internet as a whole. I hate posts or submissions that drop 20+ links because people tend to get overwhelmed … Read more

Western guy living in China explain show how bad is Child Kidnapping in China and how beggars use drugged children to gain sympathy for charity.

“It’s a nasty subject, but it has actually been something that affected my life here in China, I have wanted to talk about it for ages and want to get the information out there… An estimated 70,000 children are kidnapped … Read more Bust Twitter Dethreading All of President Trumps Positive Replies So Only Negative Replies Show Up First! Very Nasty People!

“The internet is a public forum where people can freely exchange speech and ideas!” “Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc are private companies, Drumpftard! They can censor you all they want!” “Internet is a basic human right and ISPs need to provide … Read more

Why the US bombed Syria: "It was just for show and to keep the military industrial complex going. This is a perpetual war, and it's a profitable thing for certain people."

NSA whistleblower William Binney doesn’t mince words here…he’s quite confident that the military industrial complex is in full control of US foreign policy. Trump is proving to be the perfect distraction, as the MSM have whipped up the population into … Read more