Congress just proposed a bill that would impose a 20% tax on sale of firearms and a 50% tax on sale of cartridges and shells! Tell Congress NO! The $200 NFA tax goes up to $500, and the $5 tax for AOWs and other qualified items goes up to $100. Which obviously makes sense, because the people submitting to a rigorous BATFE background check and waiting 6-12 months for their paperwork … Read more

FUN FACT…Mueller has spent appox.$6.7M so far…to tell us 13 Russians spent about $274K on ads with Twitter/Facebook to sway a election but …not really sure which way.This is your hard earned tax dollars at work folks.

Only government could waste this huge amount of money on the silliest shit. $6+ million on fucking what? Moving papers around? Government is a joke. Mueller and the DNC should have to pay it all back, preferably from behind prison … Read more

Listen you motherf*ckers, we're gonna tax you 25%." – Donald Trump (2011)

Not to mention this concept isn’t new, here look at 2016 it’s laughable that the EU is now acting a fool, look what the UK did against Chnese steel dumping:

Here we just have an example of literally the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos worth over $100 billion, and his company, the biggest retailer on Earth, didn't pay 1 cent in income tax to the US government.

I don’t think we should be giving Jeff Bezos a medal for figuring out how to fuck over the system so bad, that one of the world’s largest companies didn’t pay any income taxes last year. And that was before the massive … Read more

Israel begins its purging of Christians, starts taxing only Christian churches with a new Israeli tax policy and draft law on land expropriation.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, where Jesus is believed to have been crucified and buried, shut down indefinitely on Sunday in protest against a new Israeli tax policy and draft law on land expropriation. More info here: … Read more