Hungry Venezuelan Workers Are Collapsing. So Is the Oil Industry-Starving employees are growing too weak for heavy labor, hobbling the refineries

At 6:40 a.m., Pablo Ruiz squats at the gate of a decaying refinery in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, steeling himself for eight Sisyphean hours of brushing anti-rust paint onto pipes … Read more

A Disaster Waiting To Happen: Retail Sales (Ex Autos) Still Weak, The Reflation Trade Rolls Over, Rental Units Collapse, Consumers Run Out of Spending Money…

Retail Sales (ex autos) Still Weak — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) August 16, 2017 And the reflation trade rolls over… Ouch!… $SPX levitates stabilizer funds got it — Alastair … Read more