100,000 Michigan All Biden Ballots brought into be Counted at 4 AM on November 4th.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he has “never seen an election case with half this evidence of fraud” in an interview Wednesday about the status of President Trump’s legal cases challenging election results in key states.

Speaking with Navy SEAL and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, host of the “Actionable Intelligence” TV program, Giuliani focused mainly on Michigan and Pennsylvania, where lawsuits have already been filed. He also talked about Dominion Voting Software, which holds over one-third of the voting-machine market in the U.S., operating in 28 states, and which hired Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff as a lobbyist in 2019.

Giuliani said that the Trump campaign legal team has an affidavit in the Michigan case from someone who worked for Dominion, who said that 100,000 ballots were brought in at 4 a.m. that were all Biden ballots, not a single Trump vote.

In Pennsylvania, Biden was down 800,000 votes, and as hundreds of thousands of late votes came in election night, the Republicans didn’t get to review those ballots as they were being counted.


MI State Senator Says Detroit Tabulation Machines Were Illegally Connected to the Web

Yet another person has emerged telling of voting irregularities in Detroit, this time its vote tabulation machines accessible through the internet
With lawsuits pending charging multiple instances of voter fraud in the State of Michigan, now an eyewitness has come forward saying the vote tabulation machines in Detroit’s absentee-vote counting center were connected to the internet.
Patrick Colbeck, a poll challenger and former Michigan state senator, has sworn out an affidavit stating that he witnessed the computers used to tabulate absentee ballot votes at the TCF Center in Detroit connected to the internet and transmitting and receiving data on Election Night.

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Colbeck stated in his affidavit that at approximately 11pm on November 3, he observed the Windows PC icon identifying an active internet connection on the screens of the computers being used to tabulate and process absentee ballots at TCF Center.

Colbeck also stated the area had wireless routers set up with networks called “CPSStaff” and “AV_Counter.” He stated that these wireless routers were broadcasting and suggested that a computer security event that took place at 10am on Election Day could very well have been caused by the voting equipment’s connection to the internet.




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