80% young migrants in Slovenia were born on 1 January 1995

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According to unofficial data have police officers a problem with the system of registration, as many young migrants to their date of birth indicates January 1, 1995, as well as in different countries indicate different names. It also does not check whether they may be refused entry into the Schengen area.
In the refugee-migrant crisis, difficult situations are not exposed only immigrants, but also difficult, strenuous and responsible work is done by the police officers, soldiers, civil protection volunteers.Since this is a complex security situation, they are particularly exposed to just police officers.

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3 thoughts on “80% young migrants in Slovenia were born on 1 January 1995

  1. How convenient! that makes them still 20 years old at present. My suspicion is that there is some major legal benefit to being not quite 21 years old. “Hey, you sure look older than 20!” “No, I am still 20, but I am almost (not quite) 21 yet. Maybe it is my beard that makes me look older.”

    • So what’s the difference between being 20 or 21 years old? You are of legal age here in Europe as soon as you turn 18.That’s it.

      • Best I can come up with = it appears that 75%+ of the migrants ARE NOT from Syria, but inclusive of the main “other” areas that they come from hold; that 21 is the age of adulthood = Therefore, it may be, that there is a predominate thought [rumor] that “advantage” will go the the “child(?)”

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