A Camera Popped Up On My Desktop – My Settings Were Off – Facial Recognition Is The Mark Of The Beast.

by Ruby Henley

Yesterday I noticed a new icon on my desktop, and I clicked it.  A camera and a location monitor popped up. I was shocked, as I had my camera settings off.  When I went into my settings they were still off, so I was stunned. I became pretty upset, and I made a decision not to allow an invasion of my privacy just to have a privileged Internet experience.  I no longer have a Gmail account, and I just checked YouTube to see if I still have it. I do, but if they take it from me – so be it. I refuse to give in.

I am in the process of going through all my programs and several other email accounts.  I know I am taking a risk of losing it all, as I will not back down. Possibly I might have to give up my writing – it depends on what I find.  I basically gave Facebook up a long time ago, and I only keep Twitter for the news.

Last night, the camera popped up again – it told me I had to give it permission now to operate.  Sure -NOT! I am now going into my other features to find out as much as I can about my privacy issues.  Too much is happening way too fast right now with our liberties. I will do what I can to keep mine, even if I have to give up the Internet.  I am serious.

I have an Amazon store card, and I use it all the time.  I have decided to pay it off, and do without any credit. I am starting to feel the noose tightening around my neck for some reason – I don’t like the feeling.

When I did the article last night on the gun ordinance passed in Deerfield, Illinois, I knew we were being “rushed in the night” as I call it.  Liberties were being taken away as we sleep, and that is the best I can describe what I am feeling.

As far as my guns, I have nothing to hide.  I experienced a life altering event some years back with my son, and I took his assault rifle and turned it into the police.  They destroyed it, and that is exactly what I asked them to do. However, I do not devalue the Second Amendment, for it is our Constitutional right.  The First Amendment is what means everything to me.

I am using my First Amendment Right here today, and I know I am revealing private information to the public.  However, my life and my words have always been an open book. I have nothing to hide, but that has nothing to do with my First Amendment Right.  I have always loved to debate and share, so I will never stop doing that; however, I know what I am saying and doing seem contradictory.

I do not pretend to be easily understood, as I know how complex I am.  Yet, I think I make perfect sense. If I give a program permission to do facial recognition on me, then I am practicing my First Amendment Right.  But if I tell them “no,” that also is my Right.

You may be thinking, “she is crazy.”  Soon, facial recognition will be necessary to get into all programs on the Internet – passwords will be obsolete.  I know that! However, I am making my stand now, as I will never be smothered to death for nothing or no one. Is facial recognition the mark of the beast?  Yes, I think it is that simple. Things are moving that fast – as we sleep in the night.


I live very close to the home of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee.  They hid here in the same hills I live in to escape the Trail of Tears.  In fact, the Trail of Tears began very close to where I live. The Eastern Band is,  in fact, the remnant of the Cherokee, who refused to march along. They survived in a very small numbers right here in the caves that dot the mountains.  

Today they are a thriving community, who are prospering, and living in a very beautiful area.  They have a honorable chief, who makes decisions which benefit the whole tribe. They are an example of a honorable and civil society, and I love to visit the beautiful Cherokee.  

Cherokee gave birth to the first Native American to ever serve on the North Carolina Highway Patrol.  He was a beautiful and highly respected soul. He worked to keep the peace in his state, and he did it in a honorable way.  Yet, he also learned the Cherokee language, and he continued to be a vital part of his immediate community.

He was murdered while stopping a vehicle without a tag on the Interstate.  The man turned out to be a hardened criminal, who had been in prison a number of times.  He had many guns in his vehicle, and he used one on our hero without hesitation – in a swift action that took our Cherokee warrior by surprise.  He died from a gunshot wound to the chest, bleeding out on the Interstate.

A high speed chase followed, and the Satanist was eventually apprehended.   He is now in prison with a life sentence, but the Eastern Band lost their hero forever.  But would they consider giving up their Second Amendment Rights? What do you think? I think not.

Life is a dangerous business, but we were given free will by God to manage that life.  Laws must govern, and the first law in this Republic is the Constitution. We were founded as the United States of America under God, and God gave every human being sovereignty at birth.  He sacrificed His Son to reinforce that sovereignty – to free us from the slavery of society – to abolish tyranny.

“Luke 11:46 –

“And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.”

King James Version (KJV)”

In conclusion, my life and my sovereignty is His.

<iframe src=”https://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:Mv0xzrdlx8/embed/?player=offsite” width=’640′ height=’360′ />


mcalvanyintelligenceadvisor.com/national-biometric-id-card-mark-beast  The following excerpt is from 2010.

“Most recently, The Rutherford Institute and the American Civil Liberties Union, along with a host of other organizations, voiced their opposition to the biometric ID card. In a letter to both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Judiciary Committees, Senate Finance Committee, House Ways and Means Committee and the White House, this coalition of groups declared that such a national ID card would “not only violate privacy by helping to consolidate data and facilitate tracking of individuals, it would bring government into the very center of our lives by serving as a government permission slip needed by everyone in order to work. As happened with Social Security cards decades ago, use of such ID cards would quickly spread and be used for other purposes – from travel to voting to gun ownership.” And the national biometric ID card would “require the creation of a bureaucracy that combines the worst elements of the Transportation Security Administration and state Motor Vehicle Departments.”

At a minimum, these proposed cards will contain a memory device that stores distinct – and highly personal – physical or biological information unique to the cardholder such as fingerprints, retina scan information, a mapping of the veins on the top of your hand, and so on. Eventually, other information, such as personal business and financial data, will probably also be stored on these cards. For the cards to be effective, an information storage system and central database, which will be managed by the government and its corporate handlers, will be required. That means a lot of taxpayer dollars will be used to create the ultimate tracking device to be used against American citizens.

As journalist Megan Carpentier reports, “The federal government wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, and force employees and employers still suffering from a recession to do the same, to create and make accessible to every employer a national database of the fingerprints of all Americans from the time they are 14 years old. And they want to do it in order to keep an estimated 11.9 million unauthorized immigrants – less than 4 percent of the total population of the United States – from accessing the job market.” Under threat of substantial fines by the government and in what promises to be a cumbersome, bureaucratic process, employers will have to purchase ID card scanning devices (or visit their local DMV) in order to scan the cards of every individual they wish to hire before that individual can be employed. What this amounts to, essentially, is a troubling system in which all Americans would have to get clearance from the federal government in order to get a job.

Furthermore, the law’s requirement that machine-readable technology be incorporated into the card opens the door for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to be placed on the cards. RFID is a tiny, automatic identification system that enables data – in this case the private information of American citizens – to be transmitted by a portable device. This will provide the government with unprecedented access to American citizens’ personal information. In addition, RFID tags emit radio frequency signals that allow the government to track the movement of the cards, as well as the cardholders. In other words, wherever your card goes, so do the government monitors.

When all is said and done, the adoption of a national biometric ID card serves one purpose only: to provide the government with the ultimate control over the American people. As one commentator has remarked, this is a “naked government power grab.”

The time to resist is now. If we don’t, eventually, we will all have to possess one of these cards in order to be a functioning citizen in American society. Failing to have a biometric card will render you a non-person for all intents and purposes. Your whole life will depend on this card – your ability to work, travel, buy, sell, access health care, and so on.

What we used to call science fiction is now reality. And whether a national ID card is the mark of the Beast or the long arm of Big Brother, the outcome remains the same.”


The following article is from 2017!  tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2017/09/mark-of-beast-watch-facial-recognition.html

“ABC is not the first bank in China to introduce the facial recognition technology. In 2015, China Merchants Bank started using the technology in the southern metropolis of Shenzhen. Last year, it expanded the service to about 1,000 ATMs in 106 cities.

But the new service faces some difficulties, such as high maintenance costs.

“Many senior citizens might find it hard to trust or get used to this way of withdrawing money,” said Yang Gan of the Smart City Research Institute in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

But Yang said it will only be a matter of time before the technology permeates society.

“In the future, payment via facial recognition and mobile payment will be complementary,” Yang said.

In China, the rapid development of facial recognition technology has led to its use in a number of innovative ways. Beijing’s Temple of Heaven has used it in toilets to deter toilet paper theft. In Jinan City, traffic police have installed facial scanners at intersections to catch and shame jaywalkers. Supermarkets in some big cities have been using the technology at bag deposit areas.

Beijing Normal University debuted its first facial scanners in April and expanded their use in all dorms during the summer break. Currently, 70 percent of students have had their face recorded. A facial scan is required for new freshman students, according to the school. “


This article is from 2018!  www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-06-facebook-roll-out-facial-recognition-ai-deep-state-ploy.html

“In 2018, Facebook plans to unveil a new facial recognition technology across the site. Using artificial intelligence, Facebook plans to scan uploaded photos to analyze and recognize faces based on images previously uploaded to the site. This means users will have to verify their identity with a picture and then they will be traced through the social media site, every time their face is uploaded to the site. This surveillance technique will link users to the people they meet in real life, while tracking their whereabouts and social circle further.

Facebook will roll the controversial plan out all in the name of “protecting your privacy.” Facebook promises to alert users when someone uploads a photo of them to Facebook. This feature supposedly helps users “detect when others might be attempting to use your image as their profile picture.” This feature is just a façade to invade user privacy, as Facebook gets permission to analyze your photos and track your connections and whereabouts.”