WH Press Secretary Blames REPUBLICANS For Defunding Police… Andy McCarthy: Republicans Mustn’t Get Hoodwinked on ‘Defund the Police’ Pivot.

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“Absolutely Shameless”: WH Press Secretary Blames REPUBLICANS For Defunding Police

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki drew ire Monday by suggesting that the defund the police movement is being driven by Republicans, rather than extremist Democrats.

In another exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, Psaki argued that the lack of support on the right for Biden’s massive pork filled COVID relief bill equates to wanting to defund law enforcement.


Andy McCarthy: Republicans Mustn’t Get Hoodwinked on ‘Defund the Police’ Pivot.

Obviously, it makes sense for Republicans to denounce the Biden administration over Jen Psaki’s ridiculous claim that it was the GOP that wanted to cut police funding, the White House’s . . . um . . . rationale being that opposition to the president’s economic wrecking ball of a stimulus proposal equals opposition to every individual item in that boondoggle — as if deciding not to buy the manse you can’t afford in the tony school district means you oppose public-school education.

Everyone knows it was Democrats who made “defund the police” a mantra — occasionally, even a litmus test of what it means to be a viable Democratic candidate or official these days (even as Democrats who championed the scrapping of police departments spent taxpayer funds on security guards for themselves).

Nevertheless, as I have pointed out before, the smarter progressives have never been in favor of defunding the police, never mind zeroing out their budgets to achieve a wholesale elimination of the police. They not only want full funding, but significantly increased funding levels.

But here’s the catch: They want to change the definition of what policing is.

The savvy Democrats know that, as violent-crime rates surge, the party is getting killed over its “defund the police” madness. There is nothing to be done about that in the short term: The Bolshevik Left has insisted that Democrats are dead serious about gutting law enforcement (AOC: “Defunding the police means defunding the police” — not “budget tricks or funny math”); and the “defund the police” rhetoric is associated in the public mind with the months of lethal rioting that began last spring, and that was led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, for whom Democrats continue to provide cover.

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