Alex Jones Hasn’t Evolved a Bit in 30 Years of Broadcasting

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by Chris Black

“The elite”…

Alex Jones Indicts The Elite In Press Conference At Sandy Hook Trial

“The elite” are still as vague an enemy as ever, just random people of different races united by a love of diversity and anal sex?

But why?

The only time Jones gets closer to identifying who these elite are and their ideology he starts ranting about Nazi eugenicist White supremacists like Bill Gates wanting to genocide the Africans with killer vaccines.

Jones has actually incorporated elements of both Q-Anon, Z-Anon and Jew-Anon into his grift.

Trump, Putin and Netanyahu are apparently the saviors of humanity, yet millions of gullible idiots continue to line this fat asshole’s pockets.

It’s an interesting dynamic here.

Jones and the civnats are both Q-Anon and Z-Anon, while some demoralized wignats have jumped on the Z-Anon bandwagon out of pure spite for their own elites while scoffing at Q-Anon.

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By doing this, they are in essence saying that their own plight is hopeless, there is nothing and nobody coming to save them, but some far away country that they refuse to go live in is the only hope for White salvation.


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