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by Chris Black


How can it be Post Pandemic Stress Disorder, when we are still in the Pandemic?

Did they admit that it is over?

If so, we don’t need any vaccines.

Plus, I don’t take advice from affirmative action hires. The last doctor I had with the name Hussain believed every medical problem was due to people blowing their nose too hard.



See also  mRNA flu shot coming this year. Pfizer CEO: "we've also started experiments to combine the mRNA flu & Covid vax together."

From 1900 to 2020 there was only one professional athlete in the United States who died from a heart attack on the field.

His heart attack was caused by excessive steroid use.

See also  James O'Keefe: YouTube has taken down our Pfizer Directed Evolution bombshell. It had 800K views.

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