All Ukraine Had to Do Was Surrender

by Chris Black

Bakhmut represents what you find out when you fuck around.

Russia went easy on Ukraine at the start of the war, trying to save as many lives as possible. But Ukraine wants to play army, well okay.

Now it has been completely destroyed, wiped off the face of the earth by Russia’s wrath.

The orchestra’s melody has made the city cease to exist. Russia knows they can end it here and has decided to go all out on Ukraine’s army.

There are tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops currently being bombarded by the full might of Russian army plus Wagner.

Ukraine is taking massive casualties. In the last day it’s theorized that Ukraine took up to 1000 dead in a single day and 2000 wounded (estimated by taking data from surrounding hospitals and accounts on the frontline.

My question is, why did they have to go the hard way?

Did they seriously think they could win?

There are a lot of crazy factoids coming out about Bakhmut but almost everything about the war is scrapped from the normie internet, all you can find is on selected TG channels.

For example, here’s an Ukrainian man being forcefully dragged into the recruitment office by Ukrainian state security goons

Dude is calling for help, screams “DAD HELP ME PLEASE”

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Supposedly an AK 47 only lasts for a few days there. Not because it’s lost or the Russian Federation soldier killed, but because the barrel wears out.

An AK has a barrel life of something like 20,000 rounds, so the soldiers there are going absolutely balls-out on the Ukrainians.

And Ukraine keeps sending more and more reserves into the meat grinder.

There was a story the other day about the Ukrainians finally breaking a Russian line, moving in to reclaim that section of the city, only for it to have been a trap and the Ukrainians were annihilated.

All of that will get “Russian propaganda!!” replies, but I find it interesting that Ukrainian propaganda says “We are winning we shot down 99% of the cruise missiles we are doing very good we are winning” while alleged Russian “propaganda” says stuff like “The situation is tough but we are making progress and the Ukrainians have incurred thousands of casualties”.

I’m inclined to believe the better Russian telegram channels than any Western propaganda.

Globohomo promised Zelensky a mountain of cocaine if he’d be willing to sacrifice millions for globohomo.

He’s holding up his end of the bargain.

Of course, globohomo and Zelensky don’t care about millions of Ukrainian goyim.

The important people got out early on.


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