Alternative Media Has Been Under Attack – Stay Calm – It Is About To Get Worse.

by Ruby Henley
When I cannot make sense of what is happening to me, I shut down and take it to God.  I lay it in His lap, and then try to work on a positive approach.  If I let my passion get the best of me, I easily steer toward anger and conflict.  I tend to be honest and straightforward, so when I am lied to or duped I want to get even right away.
We are living in an environment where nothing is as it seems.  Frankly, I trust very few individuals, and I consider myself to be jaded due to what I experienced in my Country while Barack Obama was President, and during the time of the 2016 Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.     
Was I spoiled when Obama took office?  If expecting the President of the United States to put Americans first, then yes I was spoiled.  I believe Obama was a bomb planted in the White House to explode all over American values, American freedoms, and to open the door for Islamic Sharia law.  But Obama did not do it alone – he had the help of Hillary Clinton.  Between the two of them, they destroyed our FBI, DOJ, and the ability to have a valid election process.
They have denied the American people due process of the law.  Let me explain how I see this. Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person.  Due process BALANCES THE POWER OF THE LAW OF THE LAND AND PROTECTS THE INDIVIDUAL PERSON FROM IT.  When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.
I feel that the US government, under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the DNC, robbed me of my due process of the law by tampering with the 2016 Presidential Election;  therefore, destroying the validity my right to vote.  No longer does my right to vote for the Presidential candidate of my choice mean anything in this Country.  
Further the illegal Russia collusion investigation has ruined the reputation of my Country and the President I voted for.  They deprived American citizens of their due process of the law and also deprived a Presidential candidate and a President his due process of the law.
Our Justice System has been destroyed under the Obama Administration!
The biggest victim of this entire scam is the US citizenry, particularly the Republicans hit by the driving while blind Democrats still most unwilling to see their folly.  I cannot forgive this, nor should the American people forgive their denial of due process of the law by the Obama Administration and the DNC.
The entire Alternative News Media is now being denied its due process of the law.  Our First Amendment Right is under attack.  We have questioned the above lawless practices of the Left, and we have the right to question our deprivation of the due process of the law by the Democrats or the “Left.” There is no doubt that this is true.
Now I am very discouraged to have read the latest article in “Defense One.”  In saying the above, it is apparent that Left-wing extremism is the problem in the United State today.  When Barack Obama won the Presidency he was accepted and respected by Republicans, as we respected the voting process.
However, when a Republican President was elected, the Democrats did not respect the voting process.  Chaos and division ensued, creating a violent culture where Trump voters and supporters were harassed.
I feel I am 100% accurate in my assessment of the 2016 Presidential Election and the outcome of that Election.  I grieve for our lost Country.  I fear for my Freedom of Speech.  I fear for my Second Amendment Right to bear arms, as we now live in a dangerous environment for Trump supporters.  Yet…yet…the article I am about discuss is shocking and questionable; nevertheless it is as serious as a heart attack.
“Defense One” says the following:  “There are many reasons why we have a hard time acknowledging the deadly threat from the cluster of groups that gather inside our country under the hateful flags of white nationalism, white supremacy, anti-government militia, and Neo-Nazism. One reason is to avoid appearing too partisan, a desire to be even-handed.
There is irony in that we seek to avoid appearing biased, even when the threat espouses bias to the point of justifying hating and even killing their fellow Americans. So, after each episode of right-wing violence, we avoid talking about it, even to the point of reaching in the opposite direction.
For instance, after these groups united to march on Charlottesville, culminating in the killing of a young woman, major U.S. papers ran more op-eds condemning the counter-protesters, who have yet to commit a mass killing, than those who committed the crime.
I must pause here to pre-empt the inevitable “what-aboutism” — the kind of attempts to change the conversation that wouldn’t happen in an article on a group like ISIS. Yes, far-left violence is bad. (See how easy it is to write that? There’s no need to caveat violent extremists of any flag as “very fine people.”) But over the last decade, 3 percent of extremist killings in the U.S. have been committed by members of far left-wing groups — a fraction of the 71 percent by right-wing extremists and 26 percent by Islamic extremists. Those figures are the ADL’s, which documents them case by case.
If you don’t like the ADL’s categorization, you could use the data gathered by colleagues of mine at the New America Foundation, which drew on the statements of law enforcement officials to determine motivation in the various attacks. That dataset shows that attacks by right-wing extremists outnumber those by left-wing groups more than 17 to one.
Or you could use the one compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which since the rise of the “alt-right” in 2014, has documented 43 people killed and more than 60 injured by young men whose social media use evinced a similar ideology — and often a “lone-wolf” style familiar from other forms of terrorism. And this was before Parkland. In short, from a standpoint of scale, trends, and impact, we have a problem that shouldn’t require what-aboutism or ignoring the bulk of the problem. Nor is the “alt-left,” or “violent left,” a viable political movement. Certainly, it has not bled into the broader mainstream of party politics and key media outlets, nor held multiple armed standoffs after seizing government facilities, nor even paralyzed entire American cities in fear.”
You can see who is under attack here, and it is not the party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Actually the above article is chilling me to the bone.  Again, the amazing feat of the Left is in their denial of responsibility for the utter shredding of our Judicial system.
The Left will never be held accountable…never…not until the Holy One walks this earth again.  Even as the Right has prayed for justice, it will not come.  Persecution is upon us, but we must not allow it to plant fear or panic within us.  In fact, we must allow the peace of truth and justice to live within us.  We abide by law and order, even when it is deprived to us.  We falter not, and we fear not for God is with us.  This great Nation will always be under God, and we will always be led by God.

Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to Donald Trump, claims that there have been no “real” attacks carried out in the United States by right wing extremists. The available data from independent research groups, the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Justice say otherwise. But what else would we expect from a man who has disturbing connections to white nationalist organizations?
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I want to add to this report a comment from an IWB READER.  It is impeccable research, and it must be read by all who read this report.
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