AMERICAN THINKER: Red Wave On The Sunset!

The internet this week is full of election projections and Elon Musk’s moves to clean up Twitter. Starting with the last item – Twitter — he’s just discharged 2700 employees, saving the company hundreds of millions of dollars in wages and perquisites, fired the board, and made himself its sole member. A number of woke corporations, including General Mills and Volkswagen, have canceled their Twitter ads. Musk seems to be interested in following a suggestion that he list all those canceling companies which are trying to starve him of revenue so that consumers can decide if they wish to keep patronizing those companies that prefer censoring them to an open free-speech forum. Expect as well many tales of woe from discharged Twitterati, because the Left enjoyed that they had — in addition to the mainstream media — captured a major source of alternate media, one that blocked, censored, and diminished the voices of those with different opinions and unheralded facts. They are truly sad to see this monopoly end.

It really does look like there will be a red tsunami at the polls, even accounting for the Democrats’ well-known election tricks.

Real Clear Politics’ latest projections on Saturday are that the Republicans will take 228 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate. To have a real majority, considering the Stalinist-type lockstep voting of their opponents and the perfidy and stupidity of senators like Romney, Murkowski (where stacked voting may allow her an undeserved win) and Collins, they will need more than 51 seats to have an effective voting majority.

Political analyst Michael Barone, who is a reliable predictor of such things, confirms the Republican wave appears likely:

Meanwhile, as Democrats have pointed out, you see many more poll numbers from partisan Republican pollsters than partisan Democratic pollsters. But there’s a reason for that. As Republican pollster Bill McInturff argued, partisan pollsters and campaign clients don’t release unfavorable numbers. That’s an indication that Democrats have no good news to share. [snip]

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But much of that [Democrat]money has been spent on ads concentrating on abortion and “preserving democracy” themes — themes that enthuse committed Democrats but have little appeal to others. Republican barrages on out-of-control inflation, out-of-control crime and out-of-control illegal immigration seem to move more votes.

You can see how the battleground has shifted by noting that Democrats are spending for Washington incumbent Patty Murray, a 59% winner in 2016, and in dozens of House races in Biden districts. Democrats in double-digit Biden districts are suddenly in peril and begging for contributions. [snip] These experts held sway in the 13 months from the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020 through the Black Lives Matter and antifa rioting that summer to the passage of the Biden $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief legislation in March 2021. The collateral damage from their actions still reverberates.

Caught on a political limb are Democrats who followed expert advice and endorsed things like school shutdowns and defunding the police — policies New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait called the “indefensible and self-discrediting positions” of “the most unreasonable people on the Left” and Josh Barro called “dumbf— things The Groups signed up for in June 2020, because the people who staff The Groups are the most out of touch people on the planet.”



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