An Increasing Number of People in the Medical Field are Hoping the Omicron Variant Harms/Kills a Lot of People to Teach Them a Lesson

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I’ve been in the medical field for 8 years and I’ve always
done my best to care for my patients, but I’m truly hoping
that the new Omicron variant fucks people up.
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I’m tired, and so is everyone I work with. I was a combat
medic, then an LPN, and now I’m a medical technologist for a
big clinic. I’ve always done whatever it was for my
patients. I would’ve taken a bullet, ran through IED
infested fields, died for my brothers, got COVID, worked
back to back 10 hour shifts because everyone else quit, the
fucking list goes on. My urgent care department and ICU are
entirely full of unvaccinated fucking morons right now.
They’re fucking up everything for patients who actually need
our care and can’t get into the emergency department at our
hospital due to them also being swarmed with fuckheads. I’ve
never thought this, but after having over 150 patients a day
with only three providers and our nurses crying in our lab,
I’m over it. I’m tired of so many patients thinking it’s
bullshit until they’re sitting on deaths door and beginning
for treatment. I’m tired of working 60 hour weeks because
we’re so understaffed.

I’ve always felt like this was my calling. I’ve loved
patient care and interacting with patients, taking care of
them, making sure they felt comfortable and safe, and this
last week has truly changed me.

When the news broke out about the Omicron variant, I
immediately hoped that it was the most lethal yet, and that
it just wrecked havoc on the population, and that was such a
horrible thing of me to think and I’ve never felt like this.
I don’t even care at this point and I want people who are
still doubting the severity of this virus to suffer.

Even writing this I feel bad, but part of me is just over it
all. I am emotionally dead after struggling so much for the
past two years.

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And we trust these people to “care” for us??

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Why is everyone so cynical towards each other?

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