An undercover journalist exposed the Israeli lobby influencing the US. Have you all watched this?

This is a must see in my opinion. The effort used to achieve political goals and how successful they were is fascinating.

What is it?


The lobby) is a series of documentaries produced by Al Jazeera that investigate the influence of the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom[1]#cite_note-1) and the Israel lobby in the United States and their relationship to the BDS movement

Further explanation


To get unprecedented access to the Israel lobby’s inner workings, undercover reporter “Tony” posed as a pro-Israel volunteer in Washington.
The resulting film exposes the efforts of Israel and its lobbyists to spy on, smear and intimidate US citizens who support Palestinian human rights, especially BDS – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.
It shows that Israel’s semi-covert black-ops government agency, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, is operating this effort in collusion with an extensive network of US-based organizations.
These include the Israel on Campus CoalitionThe Israel Project and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Blocked screening and subsequent leak


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The film was suppressed after the government of Qatar came under intense pressure not to release it – ironically from the very same lobby whose influence and antics the film exposes.
Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera’s head of investigations, revealed in an article for The Forward in March that Al Jazeera had sent more than 70 letters to individuals and organizations who appear in or are discussed in the film, providing them with an opportunity to respond.
Only three did so. Instead, pro-Israel groups have endeavored to suppress the film that exposes the lobby’s activities.
In April, Al Jazeera’s management was forced to deny a claim by the hard-right Zionist Organization of America that the film had been canceled altogether.
In June, The Electronic Intifada learned that a high level source in Doha had said the film’s indefinite delay was due to “national security” concerns of the Qatari government.


On October 11, 2017, Al Jazeera announced that it had installed an undercover journalist inside several Washington–based pro-Israel organisations in 2016 and that it was planning to air a documentary film based on the reporter’s work. Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera’s director of investigative reporting, also acknowledged that the network had stationed an undercover journalist in both the UK and US at the same time.[18]#citenote-18)[[19]]([[20]](
On February 8, 2018, it was reported that Qatari leaders had reassured the leaders of Jewish American organisations that Al Jazeera would not be airing the US companion series.
In March 2018, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers including Democratic) Congressman Josh Gottheimer, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, and Ted Cruz penned a letter urging United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate whether Al Jazeera should register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. They also urged the Justice Department to investigate reports that the network had infiltrated non-profit organisations and accused Al Jazeera of broadcasting antisemitic, anti-Israel, and anti-American content.
On April 10, 2018, the Zionist Organization of America’s president Morton Klein claimed credit for lobbying the Qatari government not to screen Al Jazeera’s companion documentary series focusing on American pro-Israel lobby.[citation needed]
In late August and early September 2018, leaked portions of the documentary series were aired by several outlets including The Electronic Intifada.[[27]](
(TVseries)#cite_note-27)[[28]]( In early November, The Electronic Intifada released the four episodes of The Lobby—USA simultaneously with the French media outlet Orient XXI and the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar).[[29]]([[30]]([[31]]( Al Jazeera issued a statement condemning its release.[[32]](

“Psychological warfare” against activists


“With the anti-Israel people, what’s most effective, what we’ve found at least in the last year, is you do the opposition research, put up some anonymous website, and then put up targeted Facebook ads,” Baime explains in part three of the film.
“Canary Mission is a good example,” he states. “It’s psychological warfare.”

Canary mission is a website dedicated to doxing activists! look it up and see it

The film shows footage of the very same ex-military intelligence officer, Sima Vaknin-Gil, claiming to have mapped Palestinian rights activism “globally. Not just the United States, not just campuses, but campuses and intersectionality and labor unions and churches.”
She promises to use this data for “offense activity” against Palestine activists.

Jacob Baime, executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, claims in the undercover footage that his organization uses “corporate level, enterprise-grade social media intelligence software” to gather lists of Palestine-related student events on campus, “generally within about 30 seconds or less” of them being posted online.

Baime states that his researchers “issue early warning alerts to our partners” – including Israeli ministries.

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