Andersen Cooper Left SPEECHLESS in Interview With Congressman

by Thinker

One congressman that no one should ever challenge unless they know their facts, is Trey Gowdy from South Carolina. The best Youtube videos and hearing ever on the internet to watch with popcorn. No Hollywood anything can touch the Trey Gowdy hearing on Capital Hill and agency after agency exposed for corruption. Why doesn’t anyone want the public to see what most already know? Investigations weren’t through, but bias to friends and favors, but what no one knows, is did it all come at a price. Who took the money to do the favor? Is there a coverup in media as well as the investigators offices?

Flashback 2016 – BUSTED! CNN Anderson Cooper CAUGHT PROTECTING PIZZAGATE #CrookedHillary NO Corroboration? ORIGINAL @Mr_Pinko

How many news journalist just report what they’re told, not matter if its true? Mainstream media is using its journalist to show which side it supports keeping America divided and the truth from being told. How many times have the media been called out for lies? How many times has mainstream media looked the other way when a story should be told? Names and the stories that go with them mainstream media has blacked out indefinitely?


Jailed FBI agent Richard Taus. (A Trump pardon will bring attention to a man put away to protect the deep state crimes)

Jailed Native American Lenard Peltier (A Trump pardon that would give him the support of “ALL” Native American tribes.)

Kendrick Johnson Murdered in Broad Daylight in Public High School Gym – (Death & Cover-up of Human Organ Trafficking By Elite Pedophiles)

2017 The End of CNN Busted for Fake Journalism?

Another CNN producer has been caught on tape making revealing statements about employees at the network and their liberal views. CNN no honor or integrity as words and actions continue to expose those like the United States divided and not united!