As a lawyer, the lack of Dominion counter suits is very telling.

Hey all,

So Ive been practicing law since 2006, Im a low rate corporate attorney, nothing fancy or lucrative, but one thing myself and my colleagues agree on is the fact that any second/third/fourth rate Corpo Lawyer worth his salt would have filed counter suit at this point against Rudy and or the Trump team.

If these allegations are false, as they claim, the suits would be flying as early as last monday for defamation at the very least!

The fact that they havent done this tells me one of three things:

1. The allegations have SOME merit to them, and they are trying to keep this out of court.

2. They are teaming some of the best lawyers in the country together and getting ready to drop litigation.

3. They are trying to keep any proprietary information about their process out of public domain by avoiding suit.

I just cant fathom how they have sat by if they are truly innocent and allowed Rudy and co to go on this all out attack on their brand.


h/t LegalBeaglestank


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