As People Begin to Head Back to the Office, Sales For Business Attire Is Up

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Some Americans are finding little comfort in returning to the office — with retailers reporting a rise in the sale of dressy clothing, including pants with buttons and zippers.

As New York and other cities begin sending employees back to work amid decreasing COVID-19 cases, sales of comfy knock-around duds that people have been wearing while working from home are taking a back seat to more professional gear, according to clothing businesses.

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“Dress shoes, blazers, slacks — it’s all going,” said a male employee working the men’s floor at Saks Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday.

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“Some of the men I’ve been fitting for suits grumble about it, sort of jokingly, ‘I don’t want to go back to the office, I’ve gotten so comfortable in a button-down and boxers,’ ” the worker told The Post.

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“And a lot of men were surprised when they tried on their old formalwear and discovered it no longer fit.”


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