Asymmetric Warfare, Israeli War Crimes, and Why They Matter

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By Chris Black

Given the common usage of the term asymmetric warfare since the re-emergence of Israeli aggression against Palestinians, we found it prudent to briefly provide a useful framework for people to understand this term and how it applies to Zionist power in the world.

Summary: Asymmetric Warfare is best defined as a gap in willingness between two competing groups. As such, Israel, and Jews in general, will never find themselves at an asymmetric disadvantage because there is nothing they are unwilling to do to win. Admitting this is the first step to being honest about the US-Israel relationship and why it must be severed.

There is a common perception that “asymmetric warfare” exists when two fighting forces with different capabilities and/or resources find themselves in direct conflict. This is not a usable definition, since no two armies of exactly equal capability have ever fought each other. In 2000, prior to 9/11, C.A. Primmerman wrote a prophetic monograph on this topic and correctly defined an asymmetric threat as a weapon, tactic, or strategy that a state or non-state enemy would use, but that its opponent is unwilling to deploy.

When looking at the United States, by its nature, the post-9/11 US will constantly find itself fighting in asymmetric conflicts due to self-imposed constraints. Interestingly, the use of WMD is the highest measure of an asymmetric tactic, and while the US is the only nation that has crossed that line to the degree they have, they do not adopt asymmetric tactics as a core principle. 

Israel, on the other hand, does, and so do Jews in general. Israel will conduct any action, no matter how disgusting, devastating  or unethical to defeat its enemy as long as it thinks it can get away with it. Thus, Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons should be one of the highest foreign policy concerns of any peace-seeking nation. 

Likewise, Jewish power structures in the US will use any nefarious tool to achieve Zionist objectives. Jews will simultaneously promote ideas in the US that they say are unacceptable in their preferred  and exclusive  homeland, such as immigration , diversity , and liberal democracy.

Why is this important? If the US is serious about adopting a moral high ground in warfare, there can be no cooperative US-Israeli relationship. Even if the US should decide to forego a moral high ground in warfare as a formal policy, which is unlikely to happen, there would be no justification for siding with a nation whose ethnic citizens advocate for the destruction of US culture, society and general well-being through an unending array of nefarious lobbying for Zionist domestic and global  priorities.

 If anything, the US would be justified to adopt an asymmetric defence mind-set against Israeli and Jewish power. At a minimum, the US cannot continue to subsidize Israeli defence and provide significant financial support and international top cover to the Israeli regime. 

This does not require the US to ally with Hamas or the Palestinians, or anyone who is in direct conflict with Israel. Many of Israel’s competitors also embrace asymmetric tactics, but they are often forced into doing so due to a lack of options. Meanwhile, Israel brags of having a first-rate national defence apparatus and claims to care about human rights, yet embraces terrorism and scorched earth policies at the drop of a hat against a people whose existence predates theirs in the Holy Land.

The US must also destroy the myth of the “Greatest Ally” when it comes to popular perception of the US relationship with Israel. 

Israel is a terrible ally to the United States, and in reality the best descriptor of them is that of an outright enemy. 

Israelis mock US troops routinely (don’t take our word for it, take theirs) . They also have a reputation as treating US troops the worst out of all Middle Eastern nations when they are visiting, usually offering some sort of free aid or training before being subjected to invasive customs and harassing surveillance. 

On top of even killing US sailors , selling US military secrets  numerous times , and not only working overtly  with China but outright refusing US requests for inspections, not once has Israel been a part of US-led ground forces in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. 

Over 60 nations signed on to help the US fight ISIS on the ground in Iraq and Syria in the mid-2010s, and Israel was not one of them, nor did they provide any materiel or US-interest driven intelligence assistance to that effort. 

The Israeli Mossad has a unique relationship with the CIA that still only serves their best interests, not those of the US. They did not assist the US with any intelligence to prevent 9/11, despite the fact that it is undeniable that they had prior knowledge.

 Because of that, the logical inference is that Israel wanted 9/11 to happen, so no matter what their role in it was, the average American should be irate that the US response to it was 20 years of perpetual warfare in the Middle East towards objectives that benefit Israel and harm the US and European nations. 

Massive immigration from war-torn regions is never directed at Israel, only white nations get that honour. 

The cost of these protective wars is never a shared burden with Israel, only white net taxpayers get that honour. The risk of war with Iran is always framed as a joint venture, but when US sovereignty is threatened by drug cartels on its border, Israel offers no assistance.

 In fact, Jewish power in the US behaves in a manner that exacerbates that problem set.

The best solution is for the US to completely sever its military relationship with Israel, recognize the subversive Jewish initiatives being pushed on US soil to enable said relationship, and insist that ethnic natives to all of these places, even American Jews who overtly and proudly claim loyalty to Israel, be returned to their homelands to figure these issues out for themselves. 

This has been covered extensively in dissident circles, such as here . If you hear someone framing the current conflict as an asymmetric one, remind them that Israel can never find itself on the lesser side of such a conflict because no amount of war crimes or evil are off the table for them. 

If that is a distinction the US wants for itself, then a continued military relationship with Israel will ensure that it happens.

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