At the peak of the pandemic, while telling citizens not to travel, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan chartered a $27,000 private Gulfstream jet to Florida. She was unvaccinated and used campaign funds.

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used funds from an inauguration-related nonprofit to pay for a $27,521 trip to Florida to visit her ailing father in March, her chief of staff clarified Friday.

On Wednesday, the governor told reporters she had not used taxpayer funds for the trip and it was not a “gift,” but refused to elaborate, FOX 2 in Detroit reported.

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“She continued to carry out her duties as governor while she assisted her father [in Florida] with household duties like cooking and cleaning,” JoAnne Huls, the governor’s chief of staff, wrote in a memo to senior staff. “The governor’s flight was not a gift, not paid for at taxpayer expense, and was done in compliance with the law,”

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Whitmer reportedly paid $855 out of pocket for her seat on the flight.

One of the biggest scolds holding office repeatedly lectured citizens about refraining from travel during the pandemic.

Then she got onboard a $27,000 trip on a private jet to Florida.


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