Biden Finds a Scapegoat for his Record Inflation…

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The inflation crisis continues to pound the middle-class in America. While those on government subsidies get adjustments in their payments, and the wealthy have enough disposable income to not feel the pain, normal people are simply watching their savings dwindle away as the prices on everything from groceries to energy costs skyrocket.

All the while, the man in the White House flails about, having caused it with his big-spending COVID-19 “rescue package” that was largely unnecessary. You can also throw some blame toward the bipartisan infrastructure boondoggle. Worse, Joe Biden is pushing for trillions more in spending via his currently stalled Build Back Better reconciliation budget. Further, because the Federal Reserve is a partisan joke that seeks to help Democrats and their donors (i.e. Wall Street), it refuses to raise interest rates to try to get any of this under control.

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Put all that together and you have an absolute disaster unfolding in slow motion, and that means Biden needs a scapegoat. After all, why should he take the blame for something he is largely responsible for? Well, the president thinks he’s found one: Big Meat.

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