Billionaire Philanthropist Bill Gates Admits on Camera Huge Return on Investment on his Vaccine Businesses

By Chris Black

They keep telling us that covid vaccines, covid passports, lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing rules etc. are for our own good. However, do you remember when master of reality Bill Gates, the guy who owns Fauci and the WHO, went on CNBC and admitted on camera that he has made a ton of money out of vaccinations? 

In the clip, Bill Gates talks about 2000% ROI over the past two decades.

You were thinking he’s doing this for the benefit of your health?

 Keep in mind this clip is one year old, and for the past year, many billionaires doubled their fortunes:

And now we’re in full swing vaccination mode. People are staying in line like sheep to get mRNA genetic therapy. And Big Pharma and their acolytes are set to make billions this year. 

Alex Berenson, who is one of about 7 honest people left on the planet, pointed out that ketoacidosis has been linked to mRNA vaccines in multiple reports in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database.

Of course, the media can simply claim – as they have repeatedly done – that anything entered into the VAERS system is part of an anti-vaxxer conspiracy. This is a self-reporting system. There is no official system of records being kept, aside from this reporting system.

If it were not for the “emergency use” label on these vaccines, they would not have been made available for probably ten years. It is absolutely outrageous that these vaccines skipped virtually all trials, and that now both media and government are refusing to keep records of people who die after having received one or more of the shots.

Now, the entire population is the test group, but they are refusing to keep any record of what is happening to people.


Nearly every other pathogen died off after infecting 20-30% of the population, not 70-80% as it is claimed by “Science” with covid. Nothing has ever infected 70-80% of the population in a single year. Not even the most virulent forms of the flu.

If there was a real infection, it ended the first week of April 2020, when the first spike in cases dropped off a cliff. It took the revised CDC guidance to create the “Pandemic”. 

From the beginning of February to the second week of March, the state of Ohio had 450 cases in total over that entire time. There were less than 15 deaths attributed to the disease. Cases recorded during the week before the updated CDC guidance dropped to less than twenty. 

Then the CDC guidance dropped, saying that anything could be Covid, and any death with any supposed symptom could be blamed on it. Within a week and a half, the state of Ohio hit over 10,000 cases and 500 deaths. 

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So over a month and a half, there were only 500 cases and a dozen deaths. Then in the week and a half after the CDC guidance, cases exploded by 10,000 and deaths increased by 500. Something tells me it wasn’t an infection that caused those numbers, but the change in definition of what that infection is.

Now the CDC is saying that the US will struggle to reach heard immunity through mass-vaccinations (with mRNA vaccines which are not vaccines).

That’s another HUGE propaganda lie.

They (including WHO) are now trying to say that ONLY vaccination will produce herd immunity and that simply is not true. They even “persuaded” Merriam-Webster dictionary to reflect that in their newly revised definition. 

The fact is, there are many who are naturally immune – from pre-existing immunity, from having contracted “Covid” or from having been asymptomatically exposed to “the virus”. These groups together have been variously estimated at up to 60% of the population.

And these groups have a REAL lasting immunity and cannot transmit the virus unlike vaccinated subjects.

Bottom line : these groups actually have a stronger medical claim to a “Passport” than vaccinated people and will greatly contribute towards achieving herd immunity. Florida, Texas and Sweden prove this or, alternatively, there is no SARS-CoV-2 virus!!

This latest lie is just more propaganda to coerce people who don’t want the “vaccine” (for perfectly reasonable scientific risk/benefit reasons) to take it.

Lying on the basis of false science is a disgrace and these people should be ashamed of themselves as well as being held accountable when the vaccine AEs get out of control within the next 12 months.

Inventor of PCR test Dr. Kary Mullis on PCR test itself”



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