BLOCKBUSTER: joining the dots on Ghislaine Maxwell, Covid19 and Sir Mark Sedwill

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by John Ward 

Why, How and Where the greedy élites leave us in fear of our lives

Let’s start with the late danger to shipping Cap’n Bob, and the arrest of his 58 year-old daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell. She was hiding out in New Hampshire, but the FBI raided the place, and she now faces child sex-trafficking charges. She was Jeffrey Epstein’s closest confidante. It is also assumed by many, however, that she has the evidence necessary to brand British royal Prince Andrew as a consummate liar.

Five years ago, The Slog posted this piece. There seems little doubt that Randy Andy had a penchant for teenage virgins. But that doesn’t make him a paedophile. The UK press used the P word quite a lot at the time….especially the Murdoch press. Rupert Murdoch himself is an avowed republican who hates the Royal Family….a hatred of which the Queen has long been aware.

Ghislaine (pronounced by the way, Guee-lenn) regards Rupert Murdoch as one of her closest friends. Murdoch, who has a long history of paying millions to cover-up sexual abuse and harassment of women at Fox News, was red-faced in 2015 when it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein had his private contact details in the ‘black book’ subsequently revealed in court proceedings.

So too was Peter Mandelson, ennobled to being Lord Fondlebum of Boy some years ago.

The big question here is WHY? As in, why is Ghislaine suddenly being perped, why was Epstein bumped off before he could squawk, and why do person (Murdoch) or persons unknown have it in for Britain’s oldest Constitutional element?

I’m quite content to admit that I don’t know. But I am profoundly discontented to know that mainstream journalism lacks the spine to even search for the answer – let alone find it.

Next, the continuing story of Covid19 corruption – and deliberately falsified results about the best drug to help those patients who are vulnerable to – and already infected with – the virus.

Since I took a brief break, the Oxford Recovery team of Pharma-monied bollocks led by the unpleasant Peter Horby has convinced the world that Hydroxychloroquaine (HCQ) is a useless drug for managing Covid sufferers, and that Remdesivir is the one every government should buy.

Regrettably, this has caused the knee-jerk US Establishment – in a unilateral action – to outbid and outmanoeuvre all other countries to secure the supplies of Remdesivir it “needs” for the US.

Such is what we’d expect from a hegemenous bully. But the dark irony in all this is that it is only Horby’s disgracefully rigged HCQ trials that have made Remdesivir the new hero. Ignoring French professor Didier Raoult’s clear advice on low doses of HCQ accompanied by anti-toxic substances such as zinc, Peter Horby administered high doses of the drug without the recommended cocktail.

Lawyers might impute that Horby killed 68 patients in order to rubbish the effectiveness of HCQ. They could also point out that three studies in the US – and a massive usage trial in China – showed that over 85% of vulnerable patients given the correct administration of the HCQ mélange survived…compared to 34% for Remdesivir trialists.

The big question here is HOW? How has Horby achieved this legerdemain given the damaging circumstantial evidence against him?

I am the last person to advocate trial by media. But when the media flatly refuse to delve into the doubt on a verdict, they are little more than defence counsels who turn up at an Old Bailey murder trial convinced of their client’s guilt.

It is my informed opinion that this is a classic case of what the great US President Harry Truman referred to as a lie going round the World before the Truth can get its pants on.

Finally, I turn to the increasingly strange case of the banishment of Sir Mark Sedwill. As most of you will understand, it took every sinew of my commitment to a rest not to dash out a post headed ‘GOTCHA!’ when an email arrived to say that Pigswill was “no more”.

I’m glad I didn’t, because I am loath to accept that we have seen the last of Agent 001. There was a moment of wonderful hilarity as, his fingernails clinging on to the last doorjamb, Sir Mark was described by BoJo as having been “keen to move on” for some time. The disturbing thing is that around 93% of the population probably believed the PM, and most of them didn’t care anyway.

So a man who spent five years plotting to pervert the course of democracy, undermined four Leave ministers in the way of his ambitions, and conspired with Olly Robbins to cut the entire legislature out of the Brexit process by, um, turning it into Brino, is unknown to nine out of ten citizens.

The British mass media were well aware of what Robbins, May, Sedwill and Philip Hammond were up to. It’s called “treason” although Remoanoids somewhat archly object to the term. So the crime of the MSM was a sin of omission.

The same applies to Special Branch…equally worrying, given that its remit is ‘to collect evidence and arrest the enemies of the United Kingdom who live on home territory‘. Surely those who plot the destruction of the expressed will of the biggest British referendum in history are…er, enemies of Britain? How can they not be?

But the problem with Special Branch is that it was merged into the Counter-Terrorism Command in 2006. An easy loophole to escape the duty of prosecuting, say, Alistair Campbell…because he “isn’t a terrorist”. But he and dozens of other lying spin-proctologist reprobates spread completely untrue accounts of the terrors involved in going through with Brexit. So they were, ah, terrorists, no?

The real reason Sir Mark was able to weave his web of dangerous power was because, under the 2006 reorganisation, Special Branch reports to him as a key member of the National Security Council – he also being, of course, Head of the Civil Service and Head of the Cabinet Office. Not many Sicherheitsdienst cops in Nazi Germany went after Martin Bormann.

I was right to see Sedwill as a real and present danger, and somebody who needed dragging from his heavily camouflaged pillbox. But I was wrong in concluding that Boris Johnson lacked the balls to be rid of him.

Or was I?

Even in his demise, Sedwill remains ethereal: this is today’s opening page in response to Googling ‘Sir Mark Sedwill latest news’:

Many words, a few facts, but no insights. If he really was “dead”, wouldn’t you expect at least one hack to dish some dirt?

Just one did – not surprisingly, at the pro-Brexit Daily Express in the shape of Martina Bet’s piece of four days ago. However, there is nothing in the content that avid Brexiteers didn’t know weeks ago after reading this Slogpost.

Nothing new about Pigswill’s future post has been revealed since June 28, when he resigned. There have been rumours in Whiteminster about a diplomatic role in Washington, or a senior liaison role between NATO and the EU.

So this time, the Question is “Where?” And the answer is (to be blunt) “Fuck knows”.

So it’s up to informed speculation again.

What this post reaffirms is that questions like Why Guislaine Maxwell is under the spotlamp, How has the truth about HCQ been buried and Where do Sedwill’s ambitions now lie are not going to be investigated by the mainstream media.

Why is this?

The broad and eclectic range of élites on Planet Earth are not as one….and thinking people should beware of any NWO plot theory that insists otherwise.

But they all work on the basis of one assumption: people are ruled by greed and fear.

Greed for the power that gives them the ability to frighten the mass audience explains the existence of Alastair Campbell, Peter Horby, Sir Mark Sedwill, Hillary Clinton, Antifa, Jihadist Islam, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Blair, BLM, Momentum and every other group or figure that prefers closed ranks and secrecy to open minds and free debate.

The creation of fear – and aggrandised Bogey-Men – are central to what the Sorosites do: Saddam’s WOMD,  economic disaster post Brexit, Deadly biochem weapons via Skripal, Contrick19, and now The Second Wave – which is itself a direct result of Lockdown….a senseless and unaffordable idea that has ensured 7.5% herd immunity upon which this glorified sniffle can feed.

The 7-8% below the 3% Gigarich sell what little soul they have in order to provide fake news, surveillance equipment, access to corrupt judges, water cannons, training in crowd control, politicised policing and alarmist bollocks. Persuading them to pull this kind of truth-bending is a cinch for Soros and Gates: for they offer easy access to position, reputation, and untold wealth.

Absolute fluffy bollocks in the media is nothing new: it’s always been there – ‘this year women are showing off their toned shoulders’ (Sunday Times), followed by ‘Parisians are swarming into the countryside in earch of safe havens’ (Le Figaro) and then ‘Buyers who chose the country life are moving back into cities’ (Le Monde). Hold it up to the light, not a statistic in sight.

What’s new these days is how this space-filling drivel has been further perverted by its application to serious issues that get covered in whitewash like ‘The Windrush scandal is the greatest racist attack on Human Rights in history’ (78 West Indians involved, but let’s not worry about 3.65 million 1950s born women having their State pensions embezzled).

I have posted many times before about the infant school level maths involved in the Covid19 hoax:

* 85+% of all victims are over 75 yrs old, and a further 9.5% have other pathogens that would’ve caused their death from flu anyway.

* Everyone under forty years old has a 3 in 10,000 chance of dying from Covid 19.

* The NHS (for example) spends £150billion per annum. Rapid-build pop-up Covid hospitals would’ve cost £80 billion tops.

* The cost to the UK of the 8 week lockdown is estimated at £2 trillion – over 14 times more than bolstering the NHS.

* The outcome of Lockdown has been a max Herd immunity in Britain of 7.5%. To snuff out any virus, you need 65 – 75%.

Elected politicians have been disgracefully badly advised by those with dubious political and monetary motives. But the political class cannot be absolved of blame: the sheer blind trust in the drivel they were sold brooks no excuse at all.

The Daily Telegraph, for example, continues to report about the cost of Lockdown as if this could not have been foreseen. The tentacles of Big Pharma lobbying and their control over 90+% of all medical research is such an obvious and obscene conflict of interest, any politician with an IQ in double figures should’ve spotted it. I strongly suspect that many did….and thus, the driver here was not incompetence but, as ever, the munnneeeee.

Ergo sum, fear and greed continue to run the World.

Having created this fear – and used electronically created fiat money to corrupt those in a position to both spread and exaggerate the level of every threat – the élites are aware that enough thinking people somewhere will see through the caper. Thus, they badly need somewhere to hide.

The missing element in our so-called Free Society is the bright floodlights placed less than discreetly around gated silos to reveal not just where and who the fugitives are, but why they need to be held accountable under a just Rule of Law.

A fine word, is ‘just’. I saw this on a website two days, and I think it is a wonderfully elegant parody of how the Liberty lobster is slowly boiled to death:

Thank you for persevering with this longer than usual post.



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