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An anonymous Democratic operative revealed he has been rigging mail-in ballots for decades.

They have operatives in
Post Office
Nursing Homes
Ballot Harvesting
Voting stations counters
Flood illegal VOTERS
PAY HOMELESS for their votes in MASSES

Phony Ballets / PRINT their own COUNTERFEIT ballets

Steal the little LOCAL ELECTION
which allows you to steal a DISTRICT
which allows you to steal a COUNTY
which allows you to steal a STATE
which allows you to steal a NATION
with mail in voting.


So mail-in voting count could take weeks. On election night the Dems will know how many votes they need to win. Then the correct number of mail-in votes needed to win will magically appear.

Trump poised to win but Biden may turn victor after mail-in votes are counted, predicts Mike Bloomberg data firm

Former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s political data and digital agency has warned of mass chaos on Election Night as it appears incumbent Donald Trump is poised to win a second term. But when the mail-in votes come into the picture, then the plot is highly likely to change. Currently, both Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden are caught in a close race to occupy the White House before they lock horns on November 3.

Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of Hawkfish, which Bloomberg used for his own self-funded campaign till it met an unsuccessful end, said in an interview with Axios on HBO: “The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is.” The interview was aired on Monday, August 31 night.

In a preview of the interview that came out earlier in the day, Mendelsohn told Axios’ White House and politics editor Margaret Talev that unfavorable factors for the Election Day in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic are paving the way to potential chaos. He also added that while it may appear on November 3 that the GOP leader is going to win the contest, it is likely that the actual results will not be known for days as an unusual amount of mail-in ballots will be used in the election instead of physical voting as a precaution against the pandemic which has affected more than six million people and killed more than 183,000.




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