Blunt Honesty: President Trump Highlights Lack of Reform Within DOJ and FBI…

In an interesting set of tweets today President Trump highlights the institutions of the DOJ and FBI with separate and blunt emphasis.

Toward the DOJ, President trump notes the relationship between Deputy AG Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr as a Fusion GPS contractor and Christopher Steele the author of the “phony and discredited Dossier”, also a Fusion GPS contractor.  All of the entities were paid by Hillary Clinton through her legal representation.

Additionally, President Trump highlights the lack of DOJ leadership (specifically AG Jeff Sessions) to address the institutional corruption which led to “spygate” and a fraudulent application for an unlawful FISA application.

In the second set of tweets, President Trump noted how officials within the FBI are continuing to obstruct oversight and refuse to turn over evidence of institutional corruption.  In a pointed question President Trump asks: “What are they hiding”?

The overall message delivered by President Trump highlights the ongoing institutional issues which are not being addressed by either AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray; both are acting as corruption monitors; neither are confronting it.

And within this dynamic we accept events as they appear:

•After the IG report on the Clinton investigation, Director Wray took no action to address the issues of the deeply political FBI; and no-one within the organization has been held accountable.  With the single exception of McCabe, all former corrupt officials have been permitted to exit with full benefits and pensions intact.

•Additionally, there is no effort on behalf of the DOJ to follow-up on the IG criminal referral to charge former Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lying to the FBI, leaking information to the media and using his office/position to influence an official investigation.

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•Worse yet, there is an ongoing and highly visible DOJ leadership effort to cover-up the gross criminal behavior of the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Security staff, James Wolfe.  Despite overwhelming evidence that James Wolfe leaked top secret and highly classified intelligence to the media, the DOJ has only charged Wolfe with one much lesser crime of lying to the FBI.

Initially, through 2017, CTH was optimistic that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray would take action to: (A) reveal the scale and scope of the prior DOJ/FBI activity; and (B) bring criminal charges against those officers who engaged in a conspiracy to influence the 2016 election and overthrow a duly elected President.   However, in the face of overwhelming evidence highlighting the Sessions/Wray emphasis we now clearly see the only goal is preservation of the institutions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is willfully blind. FBI Director Christopher Wray is also demonstrably corrupt, and willfully blind.  Both are working against the interests of justice in their efforts to protect Washington DC from sunlight.  Both are allowing officials within their organizations to continue conspiring to protect their former colleagues.

If the MAGA community can all pull together and win the 2018 Mid-Term election; I am almost positive President Trump will fire the failing leadership of both the FBI and DOJ.  President Trump’s personal efforts to win and hold position in the November elections is essentially a visible display of his intent toward that objective.

It is now clear that officials connected to the DOJ and FBI, or officials within Washington DC, cannot be used in any effort to eliminate the corruption within both organizations.  It will take bold outside leadership with knowledge of the operations to dismantle it.

Therefore I would not be surprised to see President Trump go outside-the-box toward the Judicial Branch, and locate two federal judges, from outside DC., with a request to become heads of the DOJ (ex. Judge Andrew Hanen).   Similarly I would not be surprised to see President Trump look for two former Governors to lead the same institutional reform effort within the FBI (ex. Bobby Jindal or similar).

The lessons of 2016, 2017 and 2018 have solidified our opinion that any/all corruption reform within DC institutions, simply cannot be dealt with by any leadership entity that has a network connected to Washington DC.


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