Boris Johnson Warns Brits Not To Meet Indoors Over Easter

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Gatherings of up to six people have been allowed outside, in areas such as parks and gardens, since Monday
Thousands flocked to enjoy the sunshine this week as temperatures soared to 75F in some areas of Britain
However the good weather was marred by violence, as clashes were seen in a number of the UK’s major cities
Met Police says it will make ‘no apology’ for its ‘tough stance’ on breaking up larger gatherings this weekend

Furious Britons have slammed Boris Johnson’s rule that two people must not meet indoors or stay overnight this Easter – even if they’ve both had two Covid jabs.

Scores of people were left questioning the point in getting vaccinated in the first place as the Prime Minister poured cold water on plans for extended meetings between families this weekend.

Mr Johnson addressed the issue in a Q&A session with social media users on Twitter this morning as millions of people prepare to see loved ones for the first time since before Christmas.

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Under current rules, relatives are allowed to meet in small groups outside, such as in private gardens, but when asked today if two people receiving jabs would enable indoor gatherings, the PM said: ‘I’m afraid the answer is no, because we’re not yet at this stage.

‘We’re very much in a world where you can meet friends and family outdoors under the rule of six or two households.

‘And even though friends and family members may be vaccinated, the vaccines are not giving 100 per cent protection and that’s why we just need to be cautious. We don’t think they entirely reduce or remove the risk of transmission.’

His comments sparked fury on social media, with the rule made even more galling when, across the Atlantic, guidelines from the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that fully-vaccinated Americans can gather with other vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing.

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One user wrote: ‘If taking the vaccine protects you and others, then why is @BorisJohnson saying people should avoid staying indoors or stay with family this Easter even if they’re vaccinated? What’s the point then?’

Another added: ‘No vaccine in the world offers 100% protection…but…if ‘fully’ vaccinated people can’t get together, what’s the point in getting vaxxed, and does this mean we will never be able to meet anyone ever indoors?’

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