California poll officer blows whistle on how elections are stolen in California

The California DMV mailed ballots to illegals, who then use them to vote – Then, when the citizen arrives to vote in-person (having never signed up for mail in ballots) his/her vote gets tossed out because if there’s both an in-person vote AND a mail in ballot, the mail-in ballot takes priority over the in-person vote! This is just ONE of the ways California rigs elections to keep Democrats in power!

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You see? It helps to have patriots working at the polling stations on election day.

Sign-up to work your polling station on election day 2020! We need eyes and ears EVERYWHERE!

More info in the video-


Republican candidates who led their races on election night continue to suffer losses as Democrats across the nation have been able to manufacture tens-of-thousands of new votes since election day –

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White House petition:

We demand the appointment of an Independent Special Counsel to investigate rampant Nationwide Election Fraud. We have no confidence that a count of legitimate votes have flipped the US House and reject the results as currently stated.

WATCH: Rep. Gaetz: Democrats trying to steal Florida’s elections


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