China is playing lockdown whack-a-mole in its battle against a second wave of Covid-19 cases

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As much of the rest of the world continues to find ways to contain and emerge from the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, China is now facing the specter of a second wave of infections, with many of the new reported cases located in the country’s northeast region.

Shulan, a small city in Jilin province, which neighbors North Korea and Russia, has been put under a partial lockdown since Saturday, with all non-essential transportation banned for its over 630,000 citizens. The city has reported 13 locally transmitted cases as of today, ending Jilin’s more than two-month streak of reporting no new cases, according to Shulan’s mayor (link in Chinese), who said the city is in “wartime” mode. The source of the infections are still under investigation, according to the Shulan government.

Shulan was also classified as the only “high-risk” Covid-19 area yesterday in China, three days after the central government classified all counties in the country as low-risk.


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