China is under-reporting death toll from Covid-19. Millions have potentially died, shown in dramatic fall in phone subscribers

by ayyo_kato

As a foreword, I’d like to apologize for being painfully vague in this post. I have to protect people’s identities, so company names have been replace by “telecom company” and specific job titles have been replaced with “executive”. It’s as specific I can be.

So I have links to somebody who is a very high up executive in the Cellular/Telecom industry of a European nation. They have discovered information that China’s main, public Cellular/Telecom company, “China Mobile”, has lost 2 Million mobile phone subscribers in the last month, and a total of 8 Million since the beginning of the Covid-19 breakout. (EDIT: I really didn’t think this needed to be said, but somebody posted, and then very hastily deleted, a comment saying that “these people’s last moments, as they’re dying, is canceling their phone plan”. That’s OBVIOUSLY not what’s happening. When you die, *your subscription automatically ends. How can you be subscribed to something if you’re dead???)* This is information that they partially found themselves, as well as information he’s gotten from other executives within the cellular industry. They had this information verified with other executives

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Although that seems like a big number, maybe it could be assumed that they’re changing carriers. That isn’t the case, unfortunately, as my source said competing companies are also losing subscribers. Here is a text exchange with my source, as well as a text exchange he had with a coworker of his. He has also shared his own, additional reasons to think the numbers coming from China are substantially lower than that of reality, his biggest point being that China is still building hospitals.

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It’s no secret that China fudges a multitude of numbers. From GDP to population, China constantly fudges their numbers.

I recall seeing this post a while back about China burning bodies of the dead in order to hide the true casualties of the virus. Considering how quickly this virus spreads, the unsanitary conditions of the tightly packed metros in China, and the population density, it was inevitable that the numbers would be high

Millions, though, is groundbreaking. And could potentially be why entire nations are shutting down. This virus is killing way more than is being reported.



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