China: Leaked Documents From Wuhan Reveal Scale of Virus Data Coverup

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Leaked Documents From District Authorities in Wuhan Reveal Scale of Virus Data Coverup

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, first emerged in Wuhan.

Experts who conducted statistical modeling, eyewitness accounts from locals, and documents previously provided to The Epoch Times have shown that Chinese authorities concealed the true scale of the outbreak in Wuhan and other parts of China.

The latest documents reveal how deception began at the low levels of government.

Real Numbers?
There are 13 districts in Wuhan. As Huangpi district is a residential section of Wuhan, the outbreak there should be less severe than denser parts of the city.

But in 20 classified documents from the Huangpi district health bureau, data revealed that the district alone had many patients hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms—making the publicly reported data by the Wuhan Health Commission likely false.

Every day, district health bureaus fill out a statistic form issued by the Wuhan Health Commission to report total CCP virus cases within their jurisdiction. These numbers are not disclosed to the public; Wuhan only publishes a total for the entire city.



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