China Owns America: The Shameful Auctioning Off of America’s Powerful

It’s Becoming Increasingly Evident: China Owns America
A deep sense of malaise seems to have settled over America. Our politicians, from Biden at the top to lowly state-level bureaucrats like Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensberger, are corrupt and sneer at us plebes for pointing to their corruption as evidence that they’re not our betters and that China owns America and its politicians. The media lies to us. The tech companies censor us and stop the free flow of information. Our businesses aren’t what they used to be and our “culture,” if it can even be called that anymore, is an amalgamation of poorly made reruns and vulgar songs.

From where do those troubles stem? Well, on one level, it’s simply that, thanks to Covid, we’ve had to put up with even more government incompetence than usual. Every level of American life, from the business world to dinner inside your own home, has been intruded upon by hypocritical agents of the state. Unsurprisingly, they’ve done a poor job of “helping out” and have instead just made life worse and harder for everyone.

But that’s not the only reason life in America seems to be getting worse. It’s not just that the government is incompetent. That is, like Senator Graham’s recent betrayal of conservatism, disappointing but not unsurprising.

The bitter reason things in America seem to be going downhill so quickly and frightfully is that America isn’t owned by Americans anymore. Instead, America is owned by China, and we’re finally starting to feel the talons of the Chinese dragon sink into us.

Each of the issues mentioned above, from government corruption to media lies, relates to the fact that China owns America. In this article, I’ll explain why that’s the case and why it is making Americans worse off.

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Issue 1: America’s Corrupt Politicians are Owned by the Chinese ( more in Link )

Issue 2: The Media Lies (more in Link)

Issue 3: Big Tech Censorship ( you get it by now)

Issue 4: The Decline of American Business

Issue 5: The Deterioration of American Culture


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